Rabid, Wild & Docile: Molly Bosley

“Bear Picnic”

Rabid, Wild & Docile artist, Molly Bosley’s work is a wonderful mash-up of times gone by. In her collages and paper cuts, she utilizes copyright free images to create intriguing and engaging scenes that oftentimes leave viewers with the feeling of nostalgia, but for what, they’re not quite sure. Her piece in the Rabid, Wild & Docile exhibit cleverly entitled “Bear Picnic”, is intricately cut out of thick black card stock, then mounted on backing paper and set off by a richly colored vintage wooden frame. Molly’s work, although a departure from some of the more bright, pop-inspired, character-driven artwork at mph was a welcome addition to the RWD show, adding a very tangible quality that emerges from the intricacies in her work. For this particular piece, Molly’s inspiration was drawn from thinking back to her childhood and watching the thieving pic-a-nic-lover, Yogi Bear. About the work Molly also says, “I tend to use animals in general in my artwork, along with other images from nature, because I am drawn to the basic foundations of life. I think a lot of artists are having a connection back with nature right now because it contrasts our modern, fast-paced lives.”

Remember that Rabid, Wild & Docile is still up until March 25th, in the gallery and online.


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