Scribe’s Bumblesharks for “Intrinsic Value”

Just in case these didn’t cross your path as you scanned the social media and blogosphere… Scribe will have these new Bumbleshark figures available at his solo show Intrinsic Value at mph OPENING THIS FRIDAY (5/18) at 6pm at mph! I am stoked for this show. And in case you missed the interview I did with Scribe that was posted last week, click here to read about Scribe’s work with the Children’s Mercy Hospital, working creatively with his talented wife and balancing family life with being a busy artist.


About Bumblesharks according to Scribe: “I have long been painting bees and in the past couple of years been painting my party shark. My bees have always represented ‘peer pressures’ be it on purpose or not but these Bumblesharks are more on the purposeful side. These guys are not really to be trusted especially when it comes to finances and serve as a reminder to guard your heart and pockets.”

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