Sneak Peek for Hanna-Barbarians: Podgy Panda

Podgy Panda, a New Zealand artist now based in the UK, has created two pieces for the Hanna-Barbarians show, opening April 19. His works are entitled “Now” and “Nostalgia” and if you look at the images below, you should be able to figure out which one is which. Podgy Panda was a participating exhibitor in the recent ToyCon UK, where he had some top quality prints and toys available, including variations of the Podgonaut figure, his collaboration with Cris Rose. In addition to being a super talented artist, he was an easy fit for this show because you can often see influences of popular culture in his work, with his daily doodles series containing imagery from movies and tv shows. To see the full pieces, you’ll have to come out to the opening of this show next Friday night from 6 – 9pm! Hope to see you there!





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