Upcoming Art Shows

Hey-o! Happy almost the end of the week. Here are some shows you might be interested in…!

Believe the Hype at Pandemic gallery in Brooklyn, NY on July 28 – An all day summer party featuring work from an impressive lineup of artists, including Matt Siren, Sheryo, COST, The Yok and more.

PangeaSeed West Coast Migration“In the spirit of ocean conservation the international non-profit organization, PangeaSeed, is ramping up its 2012 summer activities in the United States with a west coast art exhibition tour. Tailored to address one the biggest threats facing the health of world’s oceans today, the rapid mass depletion of sharks, PangeaSeed aims to expand the public’s knowledge of the inhumane practice of shark finning and its deep impact on the health of our oceans.” This weekend the traveling show will be in San Francisco then it is headed to LA, Costa Mesa and San Diego after that.

Memories are Made of This – Munky King’s final show in its brick and mortar location on Melrose Ave. is ending this chapter of its story with a massive show curated by kid wonder Super Cooper Berella.

The last two shows are even closer to my heart…

Doktor A’s solo show A Postcard from New Yorkshire – Opening during the week of NYCC at mph. Opens on Friday, October 12th, 2012 with a reception from 7-10PM and runs through November 11th. Stay tuned for more info!

Signs of the Apocalypse On Friday, August 3, mph will host the opening reception of a show inspired by artists’ interpretations of the impending fate of the earth and humankind. Curated by Lou Pimentel and featuring a plethora of talents.


Hope to see you at some shows soon!


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