Your Perfect NYC Weekend

Okay, so I know you’re probably coming into NY to see the Scribe show at myplasticheart. So, I want to make sure you are ready to have one of the best weekends ever. I got you covered.

Arrive Friday at 3pm. After fighting the NY traffic, yelling the entire way and calling people profanities you didn’t know existed or riding on that uncomfortable bus that smells of urine, you’re probably ready for some fun. So, why not relax and head to Turntable Lab at 120 E. 7th St. to get your record fix? And if this still didn’t satisfy your needs… check out A-1 records at 439 E 6th St
(between Avenue A & 1st Ave).

I don’t know about you but record shopping makes me work up a wicked appetite, so after some shopping, cruise to Katz’s Deli at 205 East Houston Street and partake in a giant pastrami monstrosity. YUM. (And if you are a veggie, grab a grilled cheese, pickle and a cookie… knockout combo to power you around NYC!)

After all of that pastrami, catch a quick cat nap in some Starbuck’s bathroom before heading to myplasticheart for the opening of Intrinsic Value, where you are guaranteed to have a great time and be in the presence of one of the most talented graffiti artists ever, the one, the only, Scribe. 6-9pm. Don’t miss it.

(this part could get a bit hazy, but don’t worry)

Saturday you might wake up in a fog, confused at what debauchery you got into after feeling so hyped from the Scribe show, so why not take it easy… cruise to a sweet brunch spot and then after your stomach is full and your head less cloudy, grab an eyeful at the Woodward Gallery at 133 Eldridge Street, featuring a show from my friend and all-around awesome dude Kenji Nakayama. His stencil work will make you double take in awe. And while you’re there, don’t miss Darkcloud’s show in the other room. After that, head back over to mph and pick up that toy you wanted to buy last night at the opening that you’re regretting you didn’t.

Not sure what to do on Saturday night? Well, you’re in luck because Doze Green’s show opens at the Jonathan Levine Gallery! Dang you’re one lucky so and so!

Have fun!

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