Kidolaf coming week of 7/17

Armed with a burning desire for pillaging and anything Leif Erikson, all a burly viking wants is…a milkshake! From the brotherly design duo, the Beast Brothers, comes the man…nay, the warrior, KidØlaf.  This towering 8-inch figure doesn’t only clear out towns, but clears out the dance floor with his love of dance.  Life isn’t too hard for a Scandinavian TechnoViking when he has a long braid in his beard and a pulsing beat in his ears.  His personal rave isn’t complete without his glow stick, horned hat, rusty battle axe, and of course, a frothy milkshake.  While all KidØlaf’s carry these necessities, one in six come in alternative colors to plunder in style.  Once you bring him home, be sure to guard your stereos and maraschino cherries!  Expect KidØlaf to begin his invasion on the week of July 17th for $50.00.

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