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Q: In addition to creating A-Type, you also designed your own artist edition — ‘Rai’ which will debut as ‘Rai Red’. This design seems to flow from your interest in eastern cultures as have previous toys including the Lotus Kanser and most recently your 4″ Misfortune Cat. What keeps drawing you back to these rich motifs ?

There is such an extensive and intriguing history of visual arts in eastern cultures, I’ve always been interested in them. Styles, materials and subjects may vary widely between Tibetan, Chinese, Japanese and Indian art, but there are themes, elements and a certain feeling that tie them together creating a rich source for inspiration.

Q: The Rai design works for all three of A-Type’s primary viewing angles — front, rear, and inverted. No easy task. In the inverted position (arms up in the air), the fangs/teeth act as ‘ears’ of sort. Did you include the fangs in the A-Type design with an eye towards the inverted position ?

They help add some variation to the heart shape, without taking away from the overall feel. They function well as little ‘feet’ while it is standing, and when it is inverted I see them more as small horns, they could also be used as eyes, or ears. When the figure is “sitting” and has its arms outstretched, they also serve a practical function by helping to stabilize the body.

Q: A-Type Custom Show ? What will you be looking for in selecting artists?

What? Why would we release a platform figure and have a custom show? Nonsense! Ok.. maybe just this once. I’m always looking at artists who take these base figures and really make it their own. Anyone can slap some paint on something, but it’s far more interesting to re-imagine the object.

Q: Who’s on your wish list for future production A-Types ?

So many artists could do something great here, I’ll have to give it some serious thought! Right now I’m more focused on getting the first two out the door. (and, despite having worked with it on and off for so long, I would still want to work on some more of my own designs in the future!)

Q: Finally, who wins in an eating competition? A-Type or Groob ?

Groob. Bigger belly to store things, multiple faces to eat with!

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