Bad Luck Club : 13 Female Artists from Brooklyn 09.30.11

myplasticheart is happy to present “Bad Luck Club” a show curated by Aya Kakeda and featuring the work of thirteen female artists working in the New York area. “Bad Luck Club” was first shown in CA at the beginning of the summer and will be making its debut in NYC with its opening at myplasticheart on September 30th from 6-9pm.

According to Aya: My idea was to feature my favorite female artists in the New York Area. I’ve been surrounded by really talented and young female artists since I moved to New York, so it was pretty easy for me to organize this. Some I have known for more than 10 years; some I’ve recently met. The title of the show came from my good friend, Eddie Hemingway. There were thirteen girls and the number thirteen gave him the idea for the show. The contrast of the title and the artwork is interesting. When people first see  “Bad Luck Club,” it makes them think of very dark artwork, but the work of the thirteen artists is as vibrant and colorful as it is grim and melancholic.

Artist List:
Lauren Simkin Berke
Nina Frenkel
Stella Im Hultberg
Aya Kakeda
Dan-ah Kim
Hyesu Lee
Wendi Koontz
Yunmee Kyong
Angie Mason
Eun-Ha Paek
Fumiha Tanaka
Jen Tong
Jing Wei

Curated by Aya Kakeda

Bad Luck Club

September 30 – October 30th 2011

Opening Reception
September 30th 6-9PM

210 Forsyth St.
Lower East Side
New York



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