Bad Luck Club : Angie Mason

“Some Magic Left in Me”

“Chicken Heart Bone Belly Cloud Bummer”

We spoke to artist Angie Mason about her work in The Bad Luck Club, which will be up at the gallery until October 30th and is currently available online for purchase. Here’s what she had to say about the inspiration behind her work:

“When Aya invited me to be a part of this show, I certainly felt it was good luck being in such wonderful company. But back to the theme of the show, The Bad Luck Club. To tell you a bit about the work I made specifically for this show, I spent time thinking on this Bad Luck theme, as it certainly struck a chord in me and probably many others, with times not being so easy these days. Everything is complicated and the struggle to get by is an even greater challenge in life.”

About her painting “Some Magic Left in Me”:

“The central character is a tree girl who has been compromised and cut down, but she still manages to have new growth emerge from within herself even with all of the negative forces and darkness surrounding her. I guess I can say in all honesty this is very much reflective on things I have gone through in recent years – the struggle one can face in life to keep magic coming to stay positive and keep pushing forward no matter how dark things get. I wanted to take a negative idea and put a positive spin on it. Even though this character has seen some brutality in her existence, making life pains stronger, she manages to conjure up strength, light and hope even amongst a difficult landscape.”

And when asked about the art scene in Brooklyn:

“I have a great, talented bunch of friends who live in Brooklyn and because of this I was fortunate enough, or shall I say lucky to be included since, in fact, I am from New Jersey. But I find myself in Brooklyn often visiting friends’ art shows as well as taking part in shows at such places like the fantastic MF Gallery and Cotton Candy Machine, to name a couple. There is a rich energy with so many talented, creative people making things and really I would say the whole scene is pretty transformative, shaping neighborhoods and landscapes. The energy has been a welcoming, positive one that I hope continues to spread and grow, changing even more perspectives with all the wonderful visions going on.”

Thanks, Angie!

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