Bad Luck Club : Eun-Ha Paek

“The Saddest Song in the World”

We talked to artist Eun-Ha Paek about her pieces in the exhibition Bad Luck Club. Here’s what she had to say about her artwork for the show:

“I like the humor that can be found in melancholic situations so I tried to make some drawings about how one might feel faced with bad luck, which brought to mind superstition, melodrama, pessimism and optimism.”

“Unluck my Luck”

“‘The Saddest Song in the World’ is about the melodrama of the dreaded unlucky black cat who is feeling sad because everyone avoids him. The image of a cat playing the piano is kind of a cliche but it struck a chord. ‘Unluck my Luck’ is about superstition and the overwhelming burden of finding meaning in everything.”

“Why Me?”
“Good Luck, Poodle”

“‘Why Me?” and ‘Good Luck, Poodle’ explore how one might respond when the head looses it’s body. The poodle is still quite optimistic. The elephant is so pessimistic he doesn’t even notice that his body is gone. He has always wanted to be a pretty ribbon and wonders why he was born so bulbous and ugly. Or maybe it is the ribbon that is sad because he is not an elephant, it’s hard to tell for sure. These are also watercolor studies for some ceramic sculptures I’m making.”

When asked about the Brooklyn art scene and female presence in it, she said:
“The Brooklyn art scene is great, there are a lot of inspiring artists here! I’m happy to be in a show with my fellow female artists, there are a lot of unofficial boys’ clubs so it’s nice to have a girls’ club every once in a while. Thank you Aya for putting it together!”

You can come into myplasticheart to check out Eun-Ha’s work in Bad Luck Club until October 30th or have a look online at the show!

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