Bad Luck Club : Lauren Simkin Berke

We spoke to Lauren Simkin Berke, one of the participating artists in The Bad Luck Club, which will be up in the gallery until October 30th and is currently available for purchase online.

About the artwork:

“The four pieces in the show are part of a much larger body of work which comes from my obsession with found photographs and ephemera. I collect photos and draw from them daily (and post them on my blog) and then use those drawings for making work in a variety of ways (paintings, prints, collages, etc.). I’ve also been collecting random ephemera for most of my life and started using them as I started making collages a few years ago. I know very little about the subjects in the images, only what information can be obtained from printed or handwritten text on the backs of the photos, and from style indicators such as dress and photo formatting. For the most part my interest in these images lies in their being simultaneously particular to a time and yet universal in what they capture about life and human gesture. I picked these four as a group so that each piece had a different number of subjects (1 through 4), which is absurd, and for me, focusing on such an absurd particular and irrelevant detail is a sign of bad luck.”

When asked about her own luck, good or bad, Lauren said, “I have particularly good subway karma, which I very much appreciate.”

A luck that a lot of New Yorkers would like to have!

Thanks, Lauren!

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