Bad Luck Club : Stella Im Hultberg

“Reverie”-  Mixed Media – 18 x 22 framed

We spoke to Stella Im Hultberg, NYC artist currently showing work in the Bad Luck Club exhibition at mph until October 30th. Stella is formally trained in industrial design and is a self-taught painter whose talents have grown, drawing interest in her female characters. “Reverie” depicts a woman with flowing hair, an element often found in Stella’s work, and according to her, the subject’s hair represents “some sort of interior of her mind.”

When asked about the idea behind her work, Stella noted that her artwork allows her to articulate her feelings. She said, “…I’m never really sure what I have in mind, when I start my pieces… I don’t seem to know any other way to express those weird moods I have in my head.”

In exploring the Bad Luck theme further, We asked Stella if she ever had felt affected by luck (good or bad):

“Yes, I do feel mostly lucky, especially when I look back – it mostly seems like bad luck that turns out to be good in the end. There was a stretch in my life where I felt like every turn I made was met with a huge wall, but it seems all too long in the past.

I also had a bike accident a couple years ago where I was knocked off my bike and got a concussion (and temporary memory loss). But all in all, it was a minor injury after all, and I came out relatively unscathed – it could’ve been lots worse!

Mostly, I find myself luckiest to have gotten into art when I did – when a lot of galleries were opening up and were looking for new artists – so lucky to have been offered that opportunity.”

Thank you, Stella! Make sure to check out Stella’s and the other Bad Luck Club artists’ work here.

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