Brent Nolasco’s “The Cast of Shadows” mph Exclusive at NYCC 2012

myplasticheart will have a run of three hand painted and sculpted figures by Brent Nolasco at NYCC 2012 booth #3313. The figure, Part I of the Dark Descendants series, is entitled “The Cast of Shadows”.  The figures are sculpted utilizing found objects, leading to a textural feast for the eyes. The color choices and skeletal elements make these pieces hauntingly beautiful, leading the beholder to wonder about this animal’s existence. Each figure is $245 and will be available exclusively at myplasticheart’s booth #3313 during NYCC 2012. The artist will be signing at our booth on Saturday at 12:00pm, so here is your chance to talk to the him about the Dark Descendants.

More about the Dark Descendants
After the planet was destroyed by countless wars and the final nuclear fall out, the entire human race was demolished. Only fragments of animal life were leftover. Decades passed, and new life started to grow from the destruction. From all the bits and fragments of man and nature, new super creatures started to evolve and make their way throughout the earth. The broken became whole again.

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