Closer Look : Dunny Dunnibal by ilovedust



In anticipation for tomorrow’s release of the Dunnibal Dunny by ilovedust I thought it prudent to take a closer look at one of the most intricately printed Dunnies this year. Dunnibal is the latest 8 inch Dunny figure by English design studio ilovedust (previous 8 inch designs include Zulu Mong from the 3 Bears series and more recently Togo Monroe). Upon closer viewing the printing looks surprisingly clean for so many layers of printing. The most noticable error would probably be where the top parts of the lips connect towards the middle of the mouth, it is very slight on my figure but I can see it becoming a potential problem with others. Other than that I believe you will very happy if you decide to pick one up at your favorite toy retailer tomorrow. If you’re not keen on this blue colorway there is also a red chase version which is hidden in 1 out of every 6 boxes. We will have them available the same time as all other Kidrobot retailers tomorrow at 11AM EDT on Thursday September 26th. Enjoy the rest of the photos!

dunnibal_2dunnibal_3 dunnibal_4

The Dunnibal Dunny with its 1 in 6 chase counterpartdunnibal_5

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