Dead Kenny coming week of 7/17


As they say the only good Kenny is a Dead Kenny (or maybe they don’t). The punching bag of the fantastic four South Park crew Kenny will be available next week in a special “Dead Kenny” edition. He is the first South Park 4th grader of the collaboration between South Park and Kidrobot. As fans of South Park know, Kenny spent a good part of the first few seasons of the show dying in every episode. From decapitations to being hit by moving vehicles, it seems Kenny just can’t catch a break. Although his mysterious power of immortality keeps him coming back from the dead, it doesn’t keep him from being beaten, battered and bruised. Dead Kenny is molded to look as mauled as he ever did in the show. Even with a black eye, exposed brains, and a detachable arm, he can still keep one eye open and hope that the next day will still leave him with enough limbs to die another day.  Dead Kenny will be available on the week of July 17th for $10.99.


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