FatCap Series 3: MCA

I had the opportunity to hang with artist and prolific toy designer MCA at his studio to get the scoop on his first time designing a FatCap figure. His design for Series 3 is called “Street Beast” and comes in two different colorways. According to MCA, Street Beast is a monster that roams the streets & back alleys leaving his mark wherever he goes… whether it be a messy tag, a stencil piece, stickers or wheat pasted xeroxes of his face. I couldn’t help but ask him about the very prominent hair on these figures, wondering if the similarity to Troll doll hair was just a coincidence. He gladly told me that the hair was inspired by his daughter’s Troll collection that lives on some shelves in his kitchen!


Thanks, MCA!
mph has FatCap Series 3 available in individual blind boxes as well as cases.

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