FatCap Series 3 Release Tomorrow

FatCap Series 3 will be available tomorrow (1/26) at 11am in our online store and at our brick and mortar location at 210 Forsyth St. in NYC. Series 3 features 18 designs from the likes of a stellar lineup including – Devious, Flying Fortress, Jon Paul Kaiser, Julie West, KaNO, Kronk, MCA, Montana Colors, Pez, Queen Andrea, Quisp, Scribe, Shok 1, and Sket One. WHOA! This series focuses on customization, which makes for some really interesting pieces. There are also 3 mystery figures… to keep you guessing! Each blind box will be $9.99 and each case will be $198.99. You might as well splurge on the case, since all case purchases will include the “Cover the Cap” Sket One figure while supplies last!

“Cover the Cap” – Sket One


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