Flying Fortress @ Rabid, Wild & Docile

Rabid, Wild & Docile artist and bear graffiti extraordinaire Flying Fortress came to the opening reception of the show on Friday. After his time painting and soaking up the sun in Hawaii the week before, NYC welcomed him with some not so pleasant weather. Fortunately the gloomy rain didn’t stop this painting powerhouse from bringing some helmeted bear love to the front facade of mph. After a quick trip to the art supply store, he got to work in some light pastel colors, brightening up the front of the building and readying mph for spring. As the sun set, Fortress worked quickly, with masterfully clean lines, a nod to his talent from years in the graffiti scene. It was great to see him work in real life, and everyone at mph was super happy to have the building graced with his artwork. Come by and check it out if you haven’t seen it!


Tools of the trade

In the light of day!

Thanks, Flying Fortress!

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