Huck Gee Gold Life Dunny Series Delayed *UPDATED*

*UPDATE* We were just informed that our shipment of Gold Life Dunnys should be arriving either sometime tomorrow Thursday SEP 1st or Friday SEP 2nd at the latest. Therefore we will be stocking the Gold Life Dunnys and 2-packs online at the scheduled release date of Thursday SEP 1st at 11AM. There may be a slight delay with the shipping out of orders if our shipment arrives later rather than earlier. The latest would be Friday SEP 2nd.

Our retail shop will open at regular time at 12 pm and not at 11AM since we will most likely not have any Dunnys at that time. If you want to be notified when the Dunnys arrive at the shop you can follow us on twitter (@_myplasticheart) or like us on Facebook (, all updates will be posted there. See you guys tomorrow!

We have just been notified that due to Hurricane Irene our shipment of Gold Life Dunny Series as well as the 2-packs have been delayed and will not be arriving in time for the SEP 1st launch. Therefore we will not be releasing them online on Thursday SEP 1st at 11AM nor at our retail shop. The shop will open at our regular business hours (12-7pm). Once we get word on when our shipment will be arriving we will let everyone know. Thank you for understanding.

– myplasticheart team

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