Huck Gee Raku Dunny Release Info


We have been receiving a lot of inquiries about the Raku Dunny release so here’s how we’re going to handle it:

– We will only have the Black Night and Day editions of the Raku Dunny. Please check Kidrobot stores for the Red version.

– We are not accepting preorders.

– A limited amount will be available online at midnight TONIGHT 12:00AM EST on our website

– The remaining figures will be available in-store at 12:00PM EST and any remaining figures will be put online shortly afterwards.

– There is a limit of 1 of each design per person per household for both online and in-store orders. If you already ordered online please do not wait on line the next day to buy another one. There are no exceptions to this rule.

– We will not be accepting phone orders.

– We do not recommend using Paypal when ordering online because there is a possibility of processing errors which rarely happens but is still possible. The best way of guaranteeing you get your order in correctly is to use a credit card. Paypal is still available but use at your own risk.

–  Each Dunny will retail fo $100 each.

I know these limited releases tend to get stressful but as long as everyone stays cordial and positive this will be a fun and exciting release for everyone!


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