Ladies Night 12/10 – Meet the Artists – Alessandra Fusi

On Friday, December 10th, myplasticheart will be host to the Ladies Night gallery show from 6-9pm.  On the days leading up to the Ladies Night show, we will be introducing you to the 11 artists that will be participating in the show.  These lovely women come from across the globe and feature many different styles and mediums.

Alessandra Fusi – Rome, Italy –

Alessandra originally wanted to sell ice cream, until one day her aunt inspired her to become an artist.

Tell me about yourself (What kind of artist are you and where are you based out of)

Hallo, I’m Alessandra Fusi, an Italian girl from Rome who loves to draw and paint all the time!  I work as a children book illustrator in Italy and in France, and I love to pass the subtle boundaries between art and illustration.  Just as long as you believe those boundaries actually exist!  I live with 5 cats and a thousand of pencils and colours.

What is your favorite medium to work with?

I always love to mix-up different techniques, adding collage elements and using a little bit of everything that runs through my hands while I’m working.  Acrylics are generally very easy to mix with other things, but I love watercolours and gouaches as well.

What are you trying to convey with your work?

Anything my work conveys, that must be the right thing.  As long as my pictures tell a story, that means I’m doing my work in the right way, whatever the story is.  I love the idea that the audience can step inside my painting for a while and try to answer to the questions it makes.  Questions, that’s it, the best way to develop a good story!

What would you consider a fun night out?

Well, hanging out with my friends, basically, maybe watching a good movie first and then going to a pub or something, just to stay together, chat and laugh all the time!

Check out her work as well as all our ladies in person from 12/10 – 1/2 at

210 Forsyth St.
NYC 10002

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