Ladies Night 12/10 – Meet the Artists – Daisy Church

On Friday, December 10th, myplasticheart will be host to the Ladies Night gallery show from 6-9pm.  On the days leading up to the Ladies Night show, we will be introducing you to the 11 artists that will be participating in the show.  These lovely women come from across the globe and feature many different styles and mediums.

Daisy Church – Los Angeles, California –

Daisy Church is an artist and animator working and living in beautiful Los Angeles.

Tell me about yourself (What kind of artist are you and where are you based out of)

I was born and raised in the wilderness of rural Delaware, where I had plenty of time to read, draw, and pine for a horse of my very own.   I decided to go into the lucrative industry of animation and thus pursue my love of art and drawing while holding a steady job. I  now live in Los Angeles, where, when not working on animated TV shows, I love to paint and work on her personal art, and is proud to say I finally own a horse whom I love very much.

What is your favorite medium to work with?

I have to say acrylic paint is my favorite medium, because it doesn’t try to kill my brain cells while I’m painting with it. I am also too impatient to wait for oils to dry. I am split between my love of painting on wood panel, and painting on canvas, because they’re both very rewarding in their own rights.

What are you trying to convey with your work?

With my work in general, and for my pieces in this show, I am trying to convey a sense of quiet peace and strength through my female forms and the elements they represent. I like to create a dialogue between humans and nature with my pieces, and tie in various mythologies and symbolism with the animals and environments used.

What would you consider a fun night out?

Getting dressed up to the nines (something retro, preferably), meeting friends for drinks, and ending the night with a drunken photo shoot where I channel my inner Tyra.

Check out her work as well as all our ladies in person from 12/10 – 1/2 at

210 Forsyth St.
NYC 10002

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