Ladies Night 12/10 – MTA – Shannon Bonatakis

On Friday, December 10th, myplasticheart will be host to the Ladies Night gallery show from 6-9pm.  On the days leading up to the Ladies Night show, we will be introducing you to the 11 artists that will be participating in the show.  These lovely women come from across the globe and feature many different styles and mediums.

Shannon Bonatakis – Denver, Colorado – or

Shannon could have been taking the world by storm with her electrifying whistling skills, but she took up painting instead. Ah, well.

Tell me about yourself (What kind of artist are you and where are you based out of)

I have a hard time picking the correct words for what type of artist I consider myself to be, so I’ll just keep it basic… I’m a painter based out of Denver, Colorado.

What is your favorite medium to work with?

Acrylic paint, canvas, and very teeny-tiny brushes

What are you trying to convey with your work?

I’m attempting to convey glimmers of stories that hopefully trigger some kind of an emotional response from the viewer. I like to create work that is personal to myself, yet open enough for people to interpret in anyway that means something to themselves.  I guess emotion is really the main thing I’m after.

What would you consider a fun night out?

Good beer and good conversation is all I need. Throw in some good french fries on top of that and I’d consider it the best night ever.

Check out her work as well as all our ladies in person from 12/10 – 1/2 at

210 Forsyth St.
NYC 10002

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