Madballs All-Star Art Jam and Exhibition opens May 18th


myplasticheart and James Groman are proud to present the “Madballs All-Star Art Jam and Exhibition”, a custom toy exhibit featuring various interpretations on American Greetings’® popular 80’s toy series, Madballs™! An impressive group of artists will put their own spin on the Madballs vinyl figures produced by Kidrobot®. This talented lineup includes illustrators, sculptors and painters whose creative careers and artistic endeavors have been marked by their love of the classic Madballs of their childhood. Sponsored by Kidrobot® and American Greetings Entertainment®.

Featured artists :

Andrew Bell | | @deadzebrainc
Brent Nolasco | | @brentnolascoart
Carlos Villagra | | @cvillagra99
Chris Ryniak | | @chrisryniak
Doubleparlour | | @doubleparlour
Dski One | | @dski_one
Grizlli Atom | | @grizlli_atom
Guumon | | @guumon
J*RYU | | @jryuart
James Groman | | @jgroman60
Jon-Paul Kaiser | | @jonpaulkaiser
Mark Nagata | | @maxtoyco
Mechavirus | | @mechavirus
Miscreation Toys | | @miscreationtoys
Remjie Malham | | @remjie_malham
Retroband | | @retroband
Scott Wilkowski | | @sw__._.__ws
Skinner | | @theartofskinner
Tru:Tek | | @trutek
Violence Toy | | @violencetoy
Wonder Goblin | | @wondergoblin

Join us on Thursday May 18th from 7-10pm for the opening reception. Some artists will be in attendance and refreshments will be served. Exhibition runs through June 18th 2017.

Madballs All-Star Art Jam and Exhibition
A Custom Madballs Exhibition

Opening reception Thursday May 18th 7-10PM
Exhibition runs through June 18th 2017


210 Forsyth St.


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