MPH Exclusive NYCC 2013 – Denbu by Abe Lincoln Jr. & Leesasaur

Denbu is a hapless fellow who’s luck is always running on empty. No matter the occasion Denbu always winds up mauled by some unforseen event. Some say he’s born under a bad sign, others say there’s a rational scientific explanation to his bad luck. Whatever the reason, Denbu is just one tiger attack away from exiting the emergency room and entering your heart!

Denbu plushes are designed by Abe Lincoln Jr. and hand crocheted by LEESASAUR. Each design “I Agore You Denbu”, “Damaged Goods” Denbu, and “Dapper Denbu” are a micro run of 6 pieces each. They’re 5.25″ x 3.25″ and will be available for $45 at the myplasticheart booth #113. Abe Lincoln Jr. and Leesasaur will be available at the booth to sign and speak to fans (Time and date to be announced).


About Abe:
Abe Lincoln Jr. is a Graphic Artist living in Brooklyn NY. His work is informed by skateboarding, punk rock, and mid-century modern design. Abe is a self taught artist who works across broad mediums from hand-drawn postal stickers to high concept Production Art with equal skill. Abe has participated in numerous Art Shows around the world and has collaborated with brands such as Kid Robot, Converse, Mad Magazine, and Topps Trading Cards. For more of Abe’s work check out

Learn more about Abe Lincoln Jr.:

Website –
Twitter – @abelincolnjr
Instagram – @abelincolnjr
Facebook –


About Leesasaur:
Somewhere on an island beneath the depths of the equator, emerged LEESASAUR, an artist certain she was of the reptilian species.

With her primary medium being yarn, Leesasaur crochets a variety of creations ranging from popular iconic-video game and movie characters, to her own tragically cute “Damaged Goods” and “I Agore You” lines.

Inspired by an overwhelming amount of feelings, and need for tangibility, Leesasaur strives to create pieces that will ultimately bring happiness. Every project is her own pattern and engineering.

Learn more about Leesasaur:

Website –
Twitter – @leesasaurcave
Instagram – @leesasaur
Facebook –

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