MPH is Serving Up Mini Dumplings

Deliciously cute, scrumptiously collectible,

the time is now for dumplings…

The cat is outta the bag… err… well… the dumpling is out of the box…!

Shawnimals, myplasticheart and Squibbles Ink are proud to announce the newest line of Shawnimals’ vinyl with series 1 of Pocket Pork Dumplings! We know you’ve been patiently waiting for this one, no doubt because of the sheer amount of dumpling delight in each and every case of Shawnimals’ dumplings! Nicely sized at 1.8-inch wide by 1.5-inch high and 1.6-inch deep – they’re perfectly collectible! Each dumpling will cost $6.50 and will be officially released July 11. To celebrate the anticipation of the release, mph will be holding a release party on July 6th with Shawnimals and Joe from Squibbles Ink in attendance! Stay tuned for more details to come!

What’s in the series?
The first series will consist of 12 total designs (9 main +  3 chase) in a blind boxed assortment packaged in adorable, mini take-out style boxes. Designs are a sweet mix of classic styles found in past plush series, along with many new designs never seen before.

Pocket Porks? Wait…what?
The series, based on the Shawnimals’ dumpling character known as Wee Sticker, began years ago with something that few – if any – tried before: A mini plush, handmade blind boxed series. Shawnimals and myplasticheart teamed up for this special release in-store and online, and it sold out in minutes. The second series did the same, as did subsequent releases. But alas, these were limited, and not everyone got what they wanted. Pocket Pork dumpling mini vinyl are born from this, and from a love of making

See you at the release party!


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