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This year at New York Comic Con we will be showcasing some of our favorite custom artists from around the world. As with all custom work, you need to be up close and personal to fully appreciate the fine lines and artistry applied with each stroke of the brush. For many of us this is not always possible, but for those who will be attending this year’s NYCC you’ll be getting a special chance to finally enjoy your favorite artists’ work in person- the way it was meant to be appreciated.

This is Amara by Otto Björnik a Filipino artist who has made a name for himself with his elaborately designed custom figures of dramatic elegance which has culminated in his first production figure this year – the very popular Mayari 3 inch Dunny produced by Kidrobot.


I am more than an illustrator. I am a storyteller. My tales are a rich mixture of precious childhood memories and fairy tales. I weave together lines to celebrate the beauty and elegance of nature and human form. And sprinkled within that tapestry are touches of whimsy that bring to mind the wonderment of childhood and play. It is my way of rekindling youth with a wink and infinite mirth.

An architect by training, I create works in pen and ink that are filled with intricate detail and influenced by stringent rules of design. The elements I choose often hold symbolic meaning, and I take care to piece them together like a jigsaw puzzle to tell an overall story.

I have drawn millions of lines as an artist and have told many stories, from my initial scenes of houses to the Yahoo! Purplescape campaign to more experimental pieces that have won international competitions and garnered gallery exhibitions. But I still feel that I have many more stories to tell and a million more lines to draw.

 – Björnik


Amara is a hand painted custom 7 inch Munny vinyl figure created using acrylics and sculpted resin and will be available for display and purchase at myplasticheart booth #113 New York Comic Con.

Learn more about Otto Björnik:

Website –
Instagram – @bjornik
Twitter – @bjornik
Facebook –

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