NYCC 2015 Exclusive – Bai Chu : Ah-Sul Edition by Björnik


Once again we will be showcasing elite Filipino artist and customizer Björnik at our NYCC booth! This year features an exclusive run of his original Bai Chi figure based off classic Chinese Vampires with his trademark artistic details.

Having reached enlightenment after spending days lost in the Pacific, the Blue Ah-Sul edition is tranquil and zen (when he’s not consumed by the need to drink blood, that is, making him seem like a schizophrenic)

This minuscule vampire is cursed with a rigid resin body emulating the smooth vampiric skin of his kind, and a neodymium magnet that pulls him towards your refrigerator (an indignity Bai Chu will probably never forgive you for).

His magnetic restraining talisman with the words “I Hunger” written in beautiful Chinese calligraphy is removable, and you may need to reattach it should Bai Chu prove too much to handle!

Bai Chu Ah-Sul edition will be available in a run of 35 at the myplasticheart booth #113 during New York Comic Con 2015.

Learn more about Otto Björnik:

Website –
Instagram – @bjornik
Twitter – @bjornik
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