NYCC EXCLUSIVE : MyPlasticHearted BadBad

This NYCC Exclusive FluffyFriend by Jordan Owen and Pock-it Palz invites you to open your heart to the the only plush toy that lets you serve up bite after loving bite. You might think just because BadBad loves to chomp everything he has no heart. Well, it’s time to show the world just how big (and plastic) BadBad’s heart really is!

These are super limited to only 10 pieces – so you know they won’t stick around for long. Each BadBad comes signed and numbered on his lil’ booty. Jordan will be at the myplasticheart booth #879 on Sunday at 12pm, if you’d like to come say ‘hello!’ BadBad will be available starting on Saturday at the mph booth for $50.

He’s cute, cuddly and ready to CHOMP!

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