NYCC : Glop in a Box – Red Planet Edition

From creature creator Andrew Bell and mphlabs comes the 3rd colorway of 4.5″ resin figure Glop in a Box. The figure is limited to a small run of 8 pieces, which will be available at myplasticheart booth #879 starting Friday (10/14 ) for $100. This time Glop in a Box gets creepy in space…

“They told the public it was excellent engineering, but there was another reason those Mars rovers lasted so long… someone or something was fixing them. The cameras captured glimpses, an eye here, an arm there. A top secret mission was mounted to investigate, samples were acquired and sent back to NASA. Unfortunately as soon as they arrived, the entire project budget was slashed and the boxes of samples sat unattended in a dark closet somewhere in Florida… until today.”


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