SDCC Exclusives at mph

Hey, everyone! Just in case you’ve missed it on our Facebook page, I want to make sure you catch it here! We have some SDCC 2012 exclusives now available in our online store. Both are available to order now but ship the week of July 23. That’s not too far off!

First up is a Ji Ja Bird exclusive from mr clement. Get your toy collection crackin’ (sorry I had to) with this figure. I hope you like your eggs a bit runny because this fun and simple yellow design is a great way to make these figures really stand out. Plus, there are only 50 made, so you’ll be in a small group of owners.

Next up from artist David Healey, we have Citric Summer Acid edition Vrah. Limited to only 12 of these handmade figures. Great bright colors for the summer!

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