Sneak Peek @ Fumiha Tanaka’s Work for Bad Luck Club

“Bottomless Swamp” (cropped) – one of three of Fumiha’s pieces in the show

Here’s another sneak peek at work in Bad Luck Club, opening tomorrow at 6pm at MPH! This time, we spoke to artist Fumiha Tanaka about her work in the show, being a female artist and about her thoughts on living in Brooklyn.

Her thoughts on living in Brooklyn:
“As an artist in Brooklyn, I am constantly inspired by other people’s creations. New York changes so quickly in a short time and that stimulates people to keep creating, I think. I also like the access to museums, galleries, and so many different cultures we have in the city.”

When asked about her thoughts on this being an all female show here’s what Fumiha had to say:
“I think being in an all female artist show may give the audience a different perspective, but at the same time, for this show, I’m not sure if gender matters that much. I’m not really sure if gender matters much in being an artist in NYC, especially Brooklyn. I sometimes wish I was a man when I need more strength…! Like carrying heavy things or cutting wood… haha!”

And about her work for the show:
“I enjoyed creating Bad Luck themed work since I usually tend to create work that has a bit of a twisted meaning behind. I’m always fascinated by the life of nature.  The colors, lights, shapes and patterns in nature give me endless inspiration and I enjoy imagining little stories in my mind. My artwork for the show is all based on something that I imagined to be Bad Luck in a Forest. Fumiha’s ‘Bottomless Swamp’ (pictured above) is inspired by what she calls ‘the saddest scene’ in The NeverEnding Story when Artax goes down into the swamp. She said that as a response to that sad scene, where she was wishing that maybe he went down into into a happier, magical place.”

Thanks, Fumiha!

Bad Luck Club

September 30 – October 30th 2011

Opening Reception: September 30th 6-9pm

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