Soft* Artist Profile : Amanda Louise Spayd

Each day we’re featuring another artist from Soft* : A Plush Art Show. If you’re in NYC be sure to come check out the exhibit which runs until April 3rd

Amanda Louise Spayd –

Amanda Louise Spayd, a resident of semi-rural  Ohio, is an object collector, artist, and fragrance alchemist. Formally trained in graphic design, her love of texture, antiques, color, and the natural world, combined with an obsessive attention to detail and authenticity, are combined and utilized in her mixed-media sculptures. At once endearing and unsettling, her fabric creatures evoke ideas of cast-off children’s toys and ill-concieved taxidermy experiments with human teeth. Her inspiration is found in unexpected places – historical fashion and textiles, the excess and ridiculousness of high-societies past, natural materials and their inevitable decay, and the raw and instinctual behaviors of animals. When she’s not sitting in front of her hand-cranked antique sewing machine, painting glass eyes, or boiling up homemade black walnut dye in the backyard, Amanda can be found trolling antique stores for beautifully decayed objects, formulating handmade perfumes and soaps, or watching the birds.


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