Soft* Artist Profile : Mariangela Tan

Each day we’re featuring another artist from Soft* : A Plush Art Show. If you’re in NYC be sure to come check out the exhibit which runs until April 3rd

Mariangela Tan –

The designs for my plush are inspired by idol imagery, fables, fairy tales, and a lifetime of watching animation and nature shows. Pulling on those influences I am inspired to create a menagerie of creatures of my own.

I love the way that needle felting lets me capture subtle shapes, how it invites one to touch its structured softness. Most pieces are meant to be held, so size, density and weight are carefully considered because you are meant to have a relationship with it. In reinterpreting childhood silhouettes, I’m looking to capture the philosophy of play.

We play to learn. We play to grow. I want my work to inspire a desire to play.


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