Wing Fang Clan – Now Recruiting!



After a very successful run, our Wing Fang Clan subscription club is once again accepting applications! If you are a fan of Lou Pimentel and Cranston Fellows Junior then we have what you are looking for. Each membership entitles you to special unpainted editions of the popular Junior sofubi not available anywhere else. You also get priority on all Junior colorways during your subscription service so you don’t miss out on the limited editions. Here are the details of the new subscription:

* Membership fee is $150
* Three unpainted colorways (including the above unpainted red Junior)
* Members-only opportunity to purchase all remaining unpainted colorways during the membership term (approx six in total including the above). Unpainted figures are not available to non-members.
* An exclusive, members-only, signed and numbered Junior print by Lou Pimentel
* Special invitation to a members-only group (with top secret info inside!)
* First dibs on all painted colorways (except for 3rd party
exclusives) during the membership term

We are only accepting applications from now until 02/20 so if you are interested in joining please send us an email at

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