Work in Progress Shots: EVOKER

We were lucky to grab artist EVOKER for our Rabid, Wild & Docile exhibition opening on February 24th from 6-9pm, and even luckier that he decided on painting two pieces, since he’s been busy writing for That’s The Hookup, creating multiple lines of skateboard graphics and working on painting with MCA for an upcoming show. His bold, clean line work makes his paintings a standout in the art world and of course, he had to be a shoe in for the show, since he’s well known for depicting pandas, grizzlies and every bear in between on paintings, stickers and in the streets. Have a look at the process shots for “Grumpy Bear”, a piece you’ll recognize from the promo image we have been using for the show. “Grumpy Bear” is based on the crabbiest of all the Care Bears, and if I were you, I wouldn’t wake him up from his afternoon nap.

If you want to see the full finished painting, you’ll have to come to the show! And keep an eye out for a sneak peek of piece number two, entitled “Running Scared”.

Rabid, Wild & Docile: A collection of bear inspired artwork
February 24, 2012
6:00PM – 9:00PM
Exhibition runs until 03.25.12

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