Zombie Robber Dunny Coming Week of 7/17


What was that rustling in the dark? The wind, a bird, or was it all in your head? No, it was designer MAD’s new 8-inch creation, Zombie Robber Dunny, stealing all you hold dear (lucky it wasn’t your brains!). Don’t be fooled by his zombie demeanor, he’s out for more than just human flesh.  The only thing more menacing than his monstrous teeth is his long tongue ready to slurp your loot. Zombie Robber prowls the night in his black knit cap and mask, flash light, and a fabric loot bag.  But be on your toes, because this undead thief has already stowed away a prized diamond under his cap.  There are 1,500 of this grey version with pink tongue roaming the streets, so catch them when they lurk by on the week of June 17th for $75.00.

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