Dealmaker by Andrew Bell x MPHLabs


What do you desire.. money, power, love? You don’t have to depend on luck or hard work for these things any more. Come over here, let’s make a deal… it won’t cost you much more than a soul or two.

MPHLabs and Andrew Bell present the Dealmaker. About 4″ tall, made of soft vinyl and a touch of evil. Dealmaker is one of the first sofubi style designer toys to be entirely designed and manufactured in the USA.

The first edition, Smoke+Red, makes its debut in Vienna, Austria this Thursday April 25th at the Sixxa shop where Andrew will be signing and doodling from 5 to 7.

For those who cannot make the trip to Vienna, myplasticheart’s allotment will be available online at and in-store on Thursday May 2nd at 1PM EDT and will retail for $35.

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