Junior Hellfire – Interview with Lou Pimentel


In anticipation of the Lou Pimentel x mph labs release of Junior Hellfire edition, here is an interview with Lou in which he discusses the Cranston Fellows Jr. character, figure colorways and more. To read more about the release party happening on Friday, March 1 from 7 – 9pm, click here.

What was your attraction to creating a figure of Cranston Fellows Jr. as his younger self?
I was inspired by the Hollywood business model; put something out there, and if it does well release a prequel!! lol. To be honest I was inspired by the birth of my kids. Have these cute little buggers running/crawling around the house made me wonder about a baby Cranston, and I started playing around with sketches to bring him to life.

Why do you feel that this character lends itself better to a toy design than other characters you’ve created?
For me, what sets Cranston apart from my other characters is his strong personality. Just looking at that huge grin makes me smile. You can tell he has a good side, yet is mischievous at the same time, and I think people can relate with that. Most people can be naughty or nice.

Why did you choose to have the Hellfire colorway as the 1st release outside of the Ghost Blossom edition from NYCC 2012?
Well, I initially wanted to release the Hellfire colorway 1st, but since NYCC 2012 was right around the corner, we decided to release a con exclusive color 1st, and then have an official release party afterwards.

Can we expect to see more colorways of this figure?
There will be plenty of new colorways, and there are a few that I am very excited about and think people will appreciate.

I would like to add a THANK YOU, to everyone that has supported the Cranston projects from day one, because of you my dream of having my own vinyl toy is now a reality, and that means a lot to me.

A big thanks goes out to Lou for answering these questions. He’ll be in attendance at the release party, so if you’d like to meet the artist behind Junior, make sure to attend.

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