Thursday Releases : Gold King Dunny, Nibbler, Little Prick

The Gold King reigns again. Resurrected from Dunny Series 1, Tristan Eaton’s Gold King is back and bigger than ever to celebrate 10 years of Kidrobot. Wearing a Dunny crown and carrying a black stone-topped scepter, his royalness is 8 inches of sleek metallic gold vinyl, leaving Dunny’s form unobstructed and pure. Gold King is available starting 11:00AM EDT on Thursday 9/20 here.


Oh, Schnuchoms! With his adorable vinyl exterior, Nibbler masquerades as the cute unintelligent pet of Leela, captain of the Planet Express ship in Matt Groening’s celebrated television series, Futurama. Dressed in a dashing cape and smelly diaper, you’d never suspect Nibbler is really an undercover, highly intelligent being on a mission to protect the planet Earth from evil Brainspawn! Paired with a tray of kitty litter to catch his powerful poo (Nibblonian excrement consists of super-dense dark matter, suitable for use as starship fuel), Nibbler is ready to save our small planet and power a few spacecraft along the way. Nibbler is available starting 11:00AM EDT on Thursday 9/20 here.



Little Prick is a happy little cactus with cute little undies to cover his, um….thorns. He glows after sundown, and is always happy to help light your way through the desert. Take him out at night, but not in public. Little Prick is available starting 3:00PM EDT on Thursday 9/20 here.


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