NYCC 2016 – Instinctoy Releases

We will be representing Instinctoy this year with a number of amazing releases big and small. From popular designs like Bat Liquid, GYAWO and Vincent to brand new figures like Mini Muckey and the new King Korpse, there’s something for everyone!

Instinctoy products will be available at the myplasticheart booth #113 during New York Comic Con.

nycc2016_vincent_450Vincent Pastel Pearl Rainbow GID- $290

nycc2016_minimuckey_450Mini Muckey Pastel and Rainbow GID – $70 each

nycc2016_batliquid_450Bat Liquid Gold & Silver – $50 each

nycc2016_gyawo_450GYAWO Zombie & Crazy- $135 each

nycc2016_kingkorpse_450King Korpse Mixed Color by James Groman – $400

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