Thursday Releases for 09.06.12

We have quite a few releases coming out tomorrow throughout the day so lets do a quick rundown:


Acclaimed resin artist David Healey releases his next round of limited edition resin figures – Sea Mod and Sogmoore. Derived from classic Captain Crunch and Soggy cereal toys, Sea Mod and Sogmoore will be packaged as a 2 piece set in randomly assorted colors featuring clear, frosted and glow versions of each character.

Available online and in store for $44.99 a set starting tomorrow 9/6.


Professor Teslastein jaggedly cuts, bending back the metal flesh. Feverishly he works to create new vehicles of destruction for his nefarious exploits. Two models take shape from the scraps: in one he plants a vine to give it strength and in the other he gives a piece of himself. The Frankendunnys come alive. He leaves his laboratory, happy with his success, not noticing a third figure has risen from the decay. Concealed in the shadows, its eyes are glowing, gears are turning, and electric current is pulsing with life.

The Mecha Rupture Edition is matte pink with a black and white high gloss head and details, a uniquely sculpted head and body, and a black transparent lightening bolt. Each produced in a limited edition of 600 with a 1 in 6 chase.

Available online at 11:00AM EDT and at our NYC store starting 12:00PM EDT on 9/6 for $74.99.



Mmmmm. Enlightenment.
Long ears signify past wealth, a big head represents the disconnection between mind and body, a tuft of hair symbolizes great inner wisdom, and a giant fried dough topped with pink frosting and rainbow jimmies equals deliciousness.

With a pretzel in one hand, and beads in another, Homer passes down the oral tradition of donut eating.

From THE SIMPSONS and Kidrobot comes Homer Buddha in 7-inch vinyl, inspired by THE SIMPSONS episode “Goo Gai Pan,” in which Homer poses as Buddha to gain entry into an orphanage in China.

Available online at 11:00AM EDT and at our NYC store starting 12:00PM EDT on 9/6 for $49.99.


The Eagle Totem returns from the land of night! Brian Flynn’s Doku Duo stacks up against all the competition.

This unique entry into the Monster Family is constructed of high-quality Japanese soft vinyl (sofubi) and hand-painted with purple and metallic gold sprays over a base color of deep blue vinyl.

Available online  and at our NYC store at 3:00PM EDT for $34.99.

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