The Meatball Shop – 84 Stanton St.

Welcome to the first of many posts that will serve as a visitor’s guide to the neighborhood around myplasticheart.  The shop isn’t the only place to visit.  There are many retail shops and restaurants in the area which you can frequent while you are here.

The Meatball Shop
84 Stanton St
(212) 982-8895

A small restaurant that opened several months ago has apparently made the common meatball something to rave about.  Offering several meatball choices (tradition beef, chicken, pork, salmon, daily special) served with several options.  You can have them a la carte, as sliders, on a roll or on a hero.  If you choose to have your meatballs a la carte and in slider form you get to choose to have them in several sauce types (spicy meat, tomato sauce, mushroom sauce, cream sauce).  If you choose the roll or hero option, you get to add your choice of cheese (mozzerella, provolone).  They also have several choices of sides to choose from, but the main attraction here are the meatballs.

After you are done with your meatball meal, you should definitely have room for dessert.  They offer homemade ice cream sandwiches where you can mix and match 5 types of cookies with 5 different types of ice cream.  They also offer a daily special so check the specials board to see what it is.


Atmosphere – Can be a bit noisy during peak times.
Price – Reasonably priced. You can get a good meal for $10.
Have to Try – Homemade ice cream sandwiches, if you like mint, their mint flavor is very fresh.
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photocreditflickr – kathyylchan, gzw, jwh3000


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