Toys Around Town: teany

The next time you visit myplasticheart and work up a hunger, head over to teany, a restaurant opened by Moby and Kelly Tisdale. Located at 90 Rivington St, teany’s menu features a wide array of tasty food, and although it is a vegetarian restaurant, I brought along two non-veggies and they were equally impressed. I’d recommend the veggie blt, which is what all four of us ended up getting, since it sounded so tasty. Along with super good food, teany also has 98 teas on their menu, hence the name of this little cafe. Holy Moly! Caramel, vanilla, jasmine, honey, ginger… the list goes on and on! And if tea isn’t your thing, don’t worry, you can indulge in another fancy drink, such as a raspberry lime ricky, lavender lemonade or an italian soda. Yum! So next time you are in the mph area, pay a visit to teany and see what all the fuss is about!


And if you are in the mood for a cup of tea after reading this post, make sure you check out our cup and saucer sets, including this one from I Love Dust or others featuring designs from Jon Burgerman, Sam Flores, Frank Kozik and Si Scott.

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