Toys Around Town : Treesons Get A Mouthful

The bustling neighborhood surrounding myplasticheart is brimming with great places to eat and fun places to visit. To get to know the neighborhood, we’re starting a new monthly post series called “Toys Around Town.” Each month we’ll visit a place nearby and give you the scoop on tasty food, cool art, and great places to go. First up, we have a very hungry myplasticheart exclusive Treeson and Baby Treeson taking on the town with our new resident blogger, Team Sweet.

Our stomachs were gurgling, so we didn’t get far from the gallery when we found a great little spot to get our fill of lunch. With the lingering smell of freshly cooked burgers and the bright decor, Lucky’s Famous Burgers was a great place to stop just around the corner at 147 East Houston Street. A look at the menu had our mouths watering. Being lover’s of the forest and all its creatures, The Treesons and I were excited to see that Lucky’s offers a few vegetarian burgers to choose from. We ordered the Lucky California Veggie, topped with avocado, lettuce, tomato, pickles and chipotle mayo. We held off on french fries, but we’ll tell you why in a moment. The burger was super delicious and the chipotle mayo and avocado made it just the right amount of spicy mixed with creaminess.

After we finished, we couldn’t help but make our way to Pommes Frites at 123 Second Avenue for some authentic Belgian fries. It is a bit of a walk, but we figured that after indulging in a burger, we could use the exercise to work up our appetites again. There was a line waiting outside the small eatery, and after ordering fries with garlic mayo, we were overly satisfied and decided to call it a day. Treeson and Baby Treeson give both Lucky’s Famous Burgers and Pommes Frites a big thumbs up! Make sure to stop in for a bite after you stop by the gallery!

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