Jeremyville and Buff Monster at Secret Walls

Jeremyville and Buff Monster teamed up for a collaborative mural at the Ace Hotel in NYC on June 6 for Secret Walls, an epic art battle which has been brought around the world. They went up against advertising creatives Matt Egan BFG9000 and Gian Galang BBH. Each team took to their 6 ft x 10 ft canvases in a heated battle, but Jeremyville and Buff Monster came out on top in the end. Judges were Ron English, Carlo Mccormick and Stephen Bliss. This event was hosted by Bernstein & Andriulli an artist management agency and media consultancy in NYC.

Check out what we have in stock from these two talented artists –

Jeremyville and Buff Monster!

jeremyvilleImage from Buff Monster’s Instagram


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