New Realease Rundown :: Week of June 4

This week we have some great new figures in! It’s a grab bag of randomness this week with variants on figures we know and love and new ones. Have a look!


  • Wooden Bender :: If you watch Futurama, you’ll love this figure. Well-made with nice touches, especially the removable red woodpecker, Bender is ready to give you the same attitude and ask you to bite his shi… err… dull wooden a**. Stands 6″ tall.
  • Happy Labbit Mini Series :: I am a sucker for a labbit in a mustache. Or a labbit eating ice cream. OR a labbit sippin’ a tasty drink. These fellas are cute and exactly what you expect from Mr. Kozik. 18 new designs!
  • Brutherford Industries Ice Scream Man in Chocolate :: I dig Brutherford and their approach to creating figures. If you never read our 5 questions with Ryan Rutherford of Brutherford!
  • Kaiju Tripus in Red :: Mark Nagata’s red vinyl edition – I really like the colors on this one; the red is nicely complimented by purple, gold and blue. A wicked mix of warm and cool tones in this creature from the deep depths of the sea.
  • Dr. Morkenstein – Pajamas Edition :: From Pobber x MAD, this version of the figure explores what the young Dr. Morkenstein would look like…. in his innocuous cute pjs and DIY helmet with the words, “BEWARE” across it. Looks so innocent that you might forget he ended up as the evil brother in this story. Love the bold colors on this.


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