New Release Rundown : Week of January 1st

Aaaah! It’s 2012! How did 2011 slip by so quickly?! Well, I hope everyone had an amazing time celebrating on new year’s eve and I hope this year is filled with art and toys for everyone! Here are the latest releases at myplasticheart.

  • Fortune Cat Babies! – What better time than the start of a new year to get one of these? At only 2.5″ tall made from Japanese vinyl from Real x Head, these Fortune Cats are a perfect, quality toy to put up anywhere you want to give off some good luck for 2012. We have ones that glow in the dark, are glittery and even one that will add a little electricity to your future!
  • Kosplay figures by Ajee – These toy sets are stunningly beautiful. Both the black and white version and teal glow in the dark versions come with a girl dressed (or undressed, however you see it…) to look like a skull and a polar bear that she has disguised as a panda. These figures look great in profile too, since they feature some really great sharp angular lines in the design.
  • Ajee x Pixie Skullskin figures – Ajee has teamed up with Taiwanese toy boutique Pixie for three new versions. The three colorways are Purple, Black and Blue and each is limited to 60 pieces each. These figures come with a transparent helmet and flocked wings and boots. Again, like the Kosplay figures by Ajee, these Skullskins have great sharp angles in their design, making for an interesting piece for the eye.
  • Uglydoll Totes! – Last but not least, we have cute Uglydoll tote bags in stock for carrying all of your new holiday loot around! Available in pink, orange, blue, green, white and light pink!

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