New Release Rundown: Week of January 9th

Hey, everyone! This week there are a lot of great new items in the shop, so we’re taking a break from all of the exciting New Moon 2012 previews to give you a look at what we’ve got in stock!

  • Early Morning Garuru in yellow by Itokin Park – We have some great additions to the Super7 Monster Family, and Garuru is one of my favorites. This version of Garuru is still a bit groggy but ready to wake up slowly with a cup of coffee and a good yawn. Cast in Yellow vinyl with Gold, Orange, Brown and Silver sprays.
  • Sunburnt Little Prick by Brian Flynn – Little Prick is back, letting it all hang out in his skivvies. Unfortunately he forgot to slap some sunscreen on and he’s suffered the consequences. If you buy him, make sure to have some aloe handy, to help him get through the pain. Cast in Yellow vinyl with Red, Orange and White sprays.
  • Skull Bosatsu in Red Glitter by Japanese artist Real x Head – This charm is half skull/half bosatsu (which means “enlightened being”). This red glitter coloring gives an almost gory yet glam feel to this inventive piece that puts a spin on Japanese culture.
  • Smorkin’ Labbit 10″ Glossy Red – This super glossy labbit looks like he’s greased up and ready to party. Ha, clearly Frank Kozik brings out the dirty mind in me. Check out the black and white versions.
  • The Art of Huck Gee – A 150-page full color retrospective of Huck Gee’s work as an artist, illustrator and custom toy designer. Paul Budnitz sums it up when he said “Huck Gee is the greatest custom toy artist on the planet.”
  • Clutter Magazine: Issue 16 – Featuring Pete Fowler, The 2011 Designer Toy Awards, 64 Colors, Paul Shih and more!
  • Pocket Change Series 1 – 5 limited edition engraved metal coins with designs from Andrew Bell, Frank Kozik, 64 Colors, Joe Ledbetter and Scott Tolleson. Get to flippin’!

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