New Release Rundown – Week of July 15, 2013


We are stoked for everyone having fun at SDCC this year, but we are keeping it exciting here on the East Coast with our latest New Release Rundown, so check out the most recent additions to the shop!

Zombie Bart : Designed by Matt Groening and produced by Kidrobot, this figure stands 6″ tall with pale, icy blue skin and bloodshot, lifeless eyes. Get in on the zombie fun by scooping out his brains! Ships week of July 29.

Zoidberg : The doctor is in! Our favorite crustacean from Matt Groening’s Futurama stands 6″ tall and comes with stethoscope accessory. Ships week of July 29.

Marvel Labbit 7″ in Wolverine and Venom : Marvel and Kidrobot have teamed up to bring you these 7″ Labbits – available now! Venom is in low stock already, so act fast!

Transformers Mini Series 1 : From the Loyal Subjects, these figures stand 3″, with both Autobots and Decepticons up for grabs in this blind boxed series. Series One features – OPTIMUS PRIME, BUMBLEBEE, JAZZ, SOUNDWAVE, STARSCREAM, GRIMLOCK, MEGATRON, THUNDERCRACKER – plus 3 chase figures.

Locodonta : Jon Paul Kaiser brings this 8″ Daredevil Dunny to extremes with a stunt suit and engine jet pack accessory. Available Friday 7/19 11AM EDT

Can of Worms – Rare European Blue Bloods : These rare worms usually are found in the dark, damp wine cellars of southern France, feasting on a tasty Cab Sav, but mph has teamed up with Andrew Bell to make these available for you hungry toy collectors!

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